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Post Cards From My Trip
To 29 Palms, California

Marine Corps Air Combat Center
Twentynine Palms, Ca

Joshua Trees In The High Desert

The Joshua Tree is one of the most spetacular botanical features of the southwestern desert. Belonging to Agave family. The Joshua Tree attains heights of up yo 40 feet and it's cream-white blossoms grow in clusters 8 to 14 inches long. The Joshua Tree (giant yucca or "praying plant" was named by the Mormons because of the up-stretched "arms." The trunk has no annual rings; therefore, it is impossible to determine their age.

Joshua Tree National Park

Nothing is more picturesque than fresh white snow covering the high desert. Scenes like this do not occur very frequently and the snow never lasts long, but it is beautiful to behold.

Cap Rock
Joshua Tree National Monument
Twentynine Palms, California

These unusual and picturesque rock formations amid the Joshua Trees and Yuccas add greatly to the beauty to the Monument.

Desert Animals Of The Southwest

Desert Plants Of The Southwest

Desert Road Runner

The Roadrunner is a picturesque bird frequently seen on the Western deserts. He is a very fast runner and feeds on desert insects, lizards, etc. He is usually about 21 inches long and would rather run than fly.

Cabazon, California

Located just west of Palm Springs on I-10, Cabazon is home to the world famous di