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D-Day Museum - Veteran's Day 11/11/01

* Click On The Pictures For A Larger View *

Boy Scouts In Front Of The D-Day Museum

Boys Waiting To Go In

Coast Guard Cadet Choir

Major Dan - Retired Army
(Drawing For The Free Museum Entrance Ticket)

Coast Guard Cadet Choir

Some Of The D-Day Dancers

Veterans As D-Day Reenactors

German Sentry Box
(They Stood Watch In These At Bridges, Roads & Checkpoints, etc.)

Cadets Singing The Marines' Hymm

Army Vet Standing
(Cadets Singing The Song For Each Military Branch)

British Spitfire
(Black & White Stripes Show They're One Of The Good Guys)

Half Track, Sherman Tank & Jeep
(A White Star Signifies It's American)


Sky Bomber
(Former President Bush Flew One Of These & Was Also Wounded In Action)

Observation Plane
(Very Lightweight & Doesn't Carry Any Weapons)

Higgins Boat

Observation Plane Close Up

* Notice In The 3 Pictures Below How Outnumbered Our Troops Were, ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! *

Imperial Japan
(Each Figure Represents 2,000 Soldiers - Only Half Of This Flag Is Shown)

United States of America
(Each Figure Represents 2,000 Soldiers - Full Size Of This Flag Is Shown)

Nazi Germany
(Each Figure Represents 2,000 Soldiers - Only Half Of This Flag Is Shown)

D-Day Newspaper Headline

Complete Front Page

Joyce, Major Dan & Carmen

Troy & Major Dan

Iwo Jima Mural
(On The Building Across The Street From The Museum)

Cheryl & Robert
(Sorry, I Can't Get The Blurriness Out)