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My 1989 Mustang Convertible

I had been looking around for a car, a convertible in particular for about a month or two. My daughter was on her way home when she saw a Mustang parked on the side of the road that was for sale on the evening of Thursday 07/19/01 and called me about it that night.

I went the next morning around 10:30am, a home made for sale sign on the windsheild read "1989 Mustang, Best Offer." A girl had just walked away from it as I pulled up. I asked her if she knew anything about the car & she said, "yes, she was selling it." She stated that she had just put the top up because it was about to rain.

My brother & I checked it out the best we could as it was starting to rain. I asked her how much she was asking & she said, "a $1,000 or Best Offer." I told her I would talk it over with my husband & what would be her bottom price, she said, "$750.00." I was ecstatic but didn't let it show & told her I would call her later, after 4pm implying that I was interested.

I was definitly interested, my hubby wasn't as enthusiastic as I was because he felt something was wrong with it at such a cheap price. The rear windsheild was out which was the only visible defect. The motor was so quiet, you could hardly hear it running. I checked the Kelly Blue Book value & saw it was valued at approximately $3,600.

I called that night & told her I would meet her Monday morning since she was going to her sisters wedding Saturday evening & Sunday the notary was closed.

I went there Monday morning around 9:30am, she was still did the paper work & went to the bank, I gave her $750.00, then we went to the notary which was closed due to they were on vacation. I followed her back to her apartment, took possesion of the car & drove home. It drove like a dream, a radio finally after being without one for atleast 7 years. It has power windows, power locks, cassete player, cruiz control & the cigarette lighter even works...LOL... Oh, it even has AC, although it does need a little freon, but it does put out cold air.

The only other problem is that it needs a front end alignment, no major problem. A new back glass is going to cost $218.13, that's including tax & installation. The oil was just changed on 06/01.

I got the titles changed the next day & added it to my insurance. It cost $82 to add it since my policy was paid in full. I feel so lucky & blessed.

Pictures Of The Mustang When It Was "For Sale"

My 2 boys (soon to be 17 & 10, both in September) love it so much, they even volunteered to wash it when I got home. Imagine that, I didn't even have to ask....ROFL

Tres' & Robert Pulling In The Driveway To Wash It - 07/23/01

Robert Puts The Top Down Just Before We Go To Vacation Bible School... He Thinks The Top Must Go Down Any & Everytime We Drive It...ROFL... 07/24/01

Me Just Before We Leave... Yes, My Hair Is A Mess & I Am A Little Sunburned Too...LOL

My Mustang Page Has Been Updated
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It Now Has A New Top & Rear Window.